to Spiritual Direction – Life Conversations
with Bernadette Micallef

In seeking Spiritual Direction, finding the right Spiritual Director is an important first step. There are many approaches to this ancient Christian practice. I have coined the term Life Conversations to describe my approach. Spiritual Direction sessions are conversations about your life in the light of your faith or values. The focus is on your spiritual growth through attending to the day-to-day experiences of your life.

Life Conversations are life giving as they:

  • create the space to be still and focused, and attentive to your deepest desires.
  • encourage spiritual growth through attending to the now.
  • assist discernment of what is life-giving and what is holding you back from becoming all God created you to be – your fullest self.
  • enable growth in inner freedom and the capacity to love and be loved.

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Spiritual Direction conversations are about your day-to-day experience of life which embodies your ‘spiritual’ life.

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God continually calls us to enter more deeply into a relationship of love, and in so doing, to become more fully human and more fully our true selves.

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I have been working as a Spiritual Director since graduating in 2012 from the Siloam program at Heart of Life: Centre for Spiritual & Pastoral Formation.

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