How is Spiritual Direction different from counselling?

The main difference is the primary focus. The focus in Spiritual Direction is your spiritual journey. The main focus of counselling is the present issue/problem that is affecting you. Both deal with the concrete reality of your experience of life and both encourage deepening self-knowledge. In counselling such self-knowledge serves the purpose of dealing with … More How is Spiritual Direction different from counselling?

How are you?

“How are you?” you ask the question I dread yet long for. The answer I can’t speak yet long to share. I am so alone so confused so tired of life. Words spoken in thought remain locked in silence heard by no one. Tears released in solitude flow to no end received by no one. … More How are you?

Resting in Love

Resting in Love Pull up an easy chair, my love, Come sit with me and rest. Kick off the shoes that hurry you, Close the eyes that see such need. Lean back in comfort, beyond yourself in the easy chair of My Love. BM 18/9/2004     Incline your Heart Incline your heart to me, … More Resting in Love