Spiritual Direction

What happens in a session?

The conversation may begin with an overview of what’s going on in your life – the joys and sorrows and challenges. Through talking and listening together the broad sweep may begin to focus on a deeper level. The content of this focus may be a surprising and helpful revelation. Or the session may begin with a particular aspect of your life that you want to talk about. It’s your time so it’s up to you.
The Spiritual Director listens to you relate your experience, and by attentiveness and gentle questioning assists you to notice the subtle dynamics in your life and your responses.

Comments by others

“You’ve opened up a whole new world for me.”

“Through your supportive presence, listening without judgement or criticism, I am experiencing a deepening in spiritual awareness that would not otherwise be possible.”

“I feel so much lighter now than when I arrived.”

“I appreciate your attentive and focused presence …. ”

“I felt relaxed and comfortable talking to you.”

“That was wonderful.”

How long, how much, how often?

A session is up to an hour and in 2019 the recommended payment is $70. Sessions are usually on a regular basis and usually monthly or less frequently. One-off sessions are available too. Both the cost and the frequency can be discussed at your first session.

Who can benefit from Spiritual Direction?

All those with an open heart who are genuinely seeking to discern the way forward in life – the way toward greater inner freedom, greater love of self, others and God, and the way to more authentically live their faith or values.

It is beneficial for those who want to express their deeper thoughts and feelings beyond what may be acceptable in the usual conversations in social situation.

What if I don’t believe in ‘God’?

Spiritual Direction is within the framework of what you do believe in and the values you hold. Spiritual Direction requires belief in something greater than yourself that draws you beyond yourself to others and to the wider world. It requires a relational openness to more than the self. This ‘more’ has many names, or no name, and need not be named ‘God’.

When can Spiritual Direction be helpful?

Spiritual Direction can be particularly helpful if you feel a need for change in your life in response to a calling to a deeper spiritual life; or feel stuck and dissatisfied in your spiritual journey; or when you are dealing with difficult circumstances; or when you feel a desire to talk at a deeper level than day-to-day conversations allow; or have a persistent yearning for a more intimate relationship with God. Speaking about what’s happening, receiving the undivided attention of another, focused on what matters to you, can in itself be most helpful, supportive and encouraging on your spiritual journey.

How is Spiritual Direction different from counselling?

The main difference is the primary focus. The focus in Spiritual Direction is your spiritual journey. The main focus of counselling is the present issue/problem that is affecting you. Both deal with the concrete reality of your experience of life and both encourage deepening self-knowledge. In counselling such self-knowledge serves the purpose of dealing with the issue/problem or on-going difficult life situation. In Spiritual Direction such self-knowledge enables greater freedom to respond to the fullness of life to which God is calling you, that is, to more fully become the unique person you are created to be. With an appropriate counsellor, counselling can certainly facilitate this journey too without being the primary focus.

How are Spiritual Directors trained?

The qualification of ‘Spiritual Director’ is gained through a Graduate Diploma which involves both theory and practice. Spiritual Directors themselves receive regular Spiritual Direction and also Professional Supervision.

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