“Take off your shoes”

“Take off your shoes, for the place where you are standing in holy ground.” Acts 7:33

I love this biblical quotation. It captures the essence of my approach to Spiritual Direction: honouring life experience which is ‘holy ground’ and can be the place of encounter with God.

Holy ground

All your experiences can be ‘holy ground’ and the place of encounter with God.
Spiritual Direction is a series of conversations to which you bring your experience of the everyday events of your life, which includes your experience of prayer.
It is the here and now that is “holy ground” and if you “take off your shoes” and stand still in silence and respect that “holy ground” may begin to reveal how it is the place of encounter with God.

Be attentive

Spiritual Direction helps you to look attentively at “the place where you are standing” and to uncover in that place the potential for growth: healing and greater inner freedom.
The place where this happens is not an unreachable or future place but the here and now of today’s life, whatever your current experience of life may be.

God’s invitations

Through attending to your day-to-day experiences and your prayer, in whatever form that may take, Spiritual Direction conversations can help reveal God’s on-going invitations into a deeper relationship.
Regular Spiritual Direction conversations can assist in bringing greater self-awareness and so greater freedom in choosing the way forward in this relationship. In this freedom you can become more gentle with yourself and with others, and more fully become all you are created to be.

Comments by others

“You’ve opened up a whole new world for me.”

“Thank you for a very deep spiritual meeting, and for all your insights …”

“Through your supportive presence, listening without judgement or criticism, I am experiencing a deepening in spiritual awareness that would not otherwise be possible.”

“I feel so much lighter now than when I arrived.”

“I appreciate your attentive and focused presence …”

“I felt relaxed and comfortable talking to you.”

“That was wonderful.”

If my approach to Spiritual Direction resonates with you …